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Open sidebar ChatGPT 3.5 You Why it is important for business managers to understand and mine social media data? What is social media analytics, and how it is different from traditional business analytics? Briefly explain the seven layers of social media data. Support your answer with examples. Explain the social media analytics cycle. What ethical issues … Read more

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Hello! Your satisfaction is always my top priority, and I’m thrilled that you’re happy with the results! I put in a lot of effort to ensure that I met your unique needs and delivered a high-quality product that exceeded your expectations. I’m confident that the work I provided was meticulously crafted to align perfectly with … Read more

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●average, pricing, tattoo, Example  ( 1. Priciching  (*142*) 2.average  (*187*) 3.Example  89 4.Tatto (*134*) ————————– ● horse , gf,Japan,brand  ( 1. horse (*155*) 2. Gf (*137*) 3. Japan  (*147*)    4. Brand ●car, fruit, fish, text, fractional  ( 1 car  … Read more

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